Nintendo Games I Like The Most

nin 1

Nintendo is frequently slammed for not being as modern as its closest competitors, namely Sony and Microsoft and beyond consoles even Steam or alternatives. Most commonly people ask for much better online experiences, more Virtual Console video games or simply another Metric, Star Fox, F-Zero and more.

But I wish to start smaller. I do want even more Virtual Console video games, I do want Video game Dice VC and I would love to have a more solid online experience throughout a higher number of video games or just a method to register for some kind of Nintendo service which gives access to complimentary VC video games and discount rates for significant releases, nevertheless, that’s something Nintendo is hearing all the time, so I wish to ask for something more small, yet distinct and something that might be dealt with quicker.
nin 2
I was playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link In between Worlds on my Nintendo 3DS which due to the truth that I am German is set to German (something that is vital down the line) and had a lot of fun. Having actually done this I scrolled through the more current posts, of course ignoring spoilers doing so.

Wondering exactly what the f was going on I very carefully re-read my post and recognized that my 3DS was grumbling about the word ‘after’, which in German refers to the location on your body where you get rid of solid and indigestible constituents. It filters posts when I alter the settings so that just posts written in the language my system is set to be shown on Diverse that is what I presumed at least.
nin 3
Actually, there is something else I would really want as an outcome. As mentioned I perfectly understand German and am able to understand English and speak/write it, more or less well. But I miss out on most of the posts or am bombarded with a host of French and Spain posts depending on whether I opt to display all posts or only those written in German and English, respectively but not both simultaneously. I do not consider this too much of a difficulty for Nintendo, so kindly Nintendo do me and potential others this favor…

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